Grow Your Business & Start up

Your website is the first, and often only, place that customers go to find out about your business and its services. Yet so many websites are a poor reflection of the company that they represent.
If you already have a website, but suspect that it might not be a perfect reflection of your business, please contact us and ask for a free website appraisal.

We have a strong team of talented individuals, and we love to deliver excellent service. We do not design for design’s sake but instead specialize in meeting your business needs through our services.

➜ We value your input as you know your business better than anyone.
➜ We solve the business problem, not just create a pretty website.
➜ We aim to exceed your expectations of creativity and delivery.
➜ We will always go the extra mile to satisfy you.


Database-Driven Applications

We are excited to work with several start-ups to build interesting consumer web applications and work with large companies to develop very complex and function-rich systems. By integrating a website with an online database, you can store and handle large amounts of information through your sites, such as available products or customer accounts. If you need a unique application for your company, do get in touch so we can add our two pence worth to the planning stage.


Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) can be added to your website, so that text and images can be edited easily by you or your staff. An administrator can log in to an area of your site and edit/add text and pictures easily through the browser window.

We use mainly WordPress & Woo-commerce content management systems for developing our websites as it’s the top CMS platform & used by 43% of all websites present online. Not just for bloggers but WordPress is the choice for the biggest brand website. 



Third Axis Services

Whether you want us to design the whole site or implement the designs you have created, we come alongside your team and use our expertise to make your ideas happen. Our coders are talented and experienced in HTML, PHP/MySQL, ASP, .Net, CSS & Java, and we are building up the capability also to offer Android application development.

We can handle all of your Web Development needs, including DatabaseTechnologies, Multimedia, Special Programming, and Effective E-CommerceSolutions. Our professional team is skilled in achieving functionality with the distinctive professional business look for your business website.
Whether you’re new to the online world or hope to enhance or redesign your current site, Third Axis can help you with it. Website development pricing is determined by the number of pages needed, amount of custom graphics, and scripts needed. Once we have figured out all your needs, we will submit a detailed estimate for the work involved.

Third Axis provides the following services:
→ Custom Site Designs
→ Custom Logo Designs
→ Custom Graphics
→ User Interfaces
→ Total Site Construction
→ Page Layout
→ Proof Reading
→ Web Site Architecture
→ Web Site Assessment
→ Technical Consulting
→ Requirements Specification
→ Competitive Research
→ Project Planning
→ Site Management
→ Website Promotion
→ Information Design
→ User Profiling
→ User Scenario Profiling
→ Web Programming Integration
→ Interactive Programming
→ Web-applications
→ Database Integration
→ E-Commerce Shopping
→ Shopping Carts
→ User Registration DB
→ Secure Payment Processing
→ Interactive Features
→ Search Engine optimization
→ Online Chat with Customers
→ Member Registration
→ Email Newsletters
→ Job Boards
→ Auto Responders
→ Bulletin Boards
→ Online Surveys
→ Presentations Multimedia
→ Custom Banner Ads
→ Daily Site Statistics
→ Daily E-Commerce Statistics
→ Secure Login For Customers


Search Engine Optimization

We help you achieve free and organic website visitors through a series of actions to your website. Our service packs include consultation of your current site for us to determine how to best optimize your site for search engines.

The internet continues to grow, and search engines have become a more valuable part of any advertising you do. It is imperative to make sure your website is up & running without errors and your site is optimized for people to find you. Third Axis has the expertise to help you and the willingness to educate you on the latest technology. All you need is to team up with us with one of our plans.


Turn Your Ideas into Business

Product catalog sites are simple but effective ways of communicating with your audience. These sites usually comprise around five static pages but can be much more significant. Catalog sites can also include contact forms, animated banners, and other interactive elements.
If you want to deliver a more engaging experience to the user, a product catalog site with Unique Product ID is excellent, and it can demonstrate your portfolio visually-impressively.


Working Together As Team

Each business is different and requires a unique approach. Our team understands that every business requirement is unique and delivers web solutions to every customer who intends to do business with us. We educate, learn, share and develop every client’s needs with at-most flexibility and reliability. We deliver practical projects on time and within budget, providing solutions guaranteed to improve productivity and reduce costs. With the proven technology, products, and experience, we promise our customers a complete solution for their needs without going deep into their pockets.
We provide attractive, stylish, clean, user-friendly, and creative solutions. We offer tailor-made solutions to fit best to your needs and make you stand out from the competition. We built websites that look great and reflect your business.
We have clients from across the globe doing repeated business with us strengthening their business and our professional team.